Friday, August 21, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Is it just me or is mowing the lawn, trimming all the hedges and bushes and pulling weeds a work out? There's 2 hours of added work out time, if that is the case. There's one good thing about the snow in a Minnesota winter. It makes your lawn look as nice as your neighbor's. Today, I did the lawn and Ferron opted to "spring clean" the kitchen and bathrooms with my mom.

If it's called "spring cleaning" can someone tell my mom it's only once a year and not once before a whole new season starts? Well, at least the bathrooms get that thorough bleach wipe down with the strong "burn your nose hairs smell" going and in our home, it marks the welcoming of a new season. Fall begins September 23rd still, doesn't it?

True story. Ferron goes to the big city in the Midwest for a professional rugby tryout and then after 5 days he has to come home for a week to let the parents know what he decides: will he or won't he play? Whatever his decision, we have to make more plans from whatever he chooses to do. He says he wants to wait another year. He doesn't think he's ready (maybe mentally, lol). Then my mom says, "What are your REAL issues with moving forward and growing up? Why don't you want to go?" Ferron scrunches up his face and says, "Those guys are dirty. The apartment is filthy."

It's funny how both my mom and Ferron's mom have been so militant about keeping everything clean and up until this summer, we were forced to share a room to practice being respectful of a roommate.
"It would be good preparation for a mission."
This was Ferron's REAL issue?! I guess it would be when you are so use to living a clean house.

Keep your yard clean. Mow your lawn. Keep your home clean. These seem like annoying things that have to be done, but apparently, it is some kind of metaphor of how you really are as a person. Isn't that how you show appreciation and respect for yourself and your community? If you're lazy and don't take time to maintain your property, do you really appreciate the home you live in or the things your blessed with?

I guess you really wouldn't know until you leave the nest your staying in now.


Emily said...

Keep it up Marley! Love the posts!