Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ready. Set. Go!

Volleyball season is in progress!

There is a great perk growing up in any city with organized sports program. In the suburbs, parents, friends and families show up at parks and gyms armed with lawn chairs or picnic blankets to cheer on their player. My 9 year old sister is playing volleyball with the 4th grade Hawkeyes this season and my dad will be coaching her team. He will be taking care of all the Admin stuff and I will get the pleasure of running the practices and we will both share the job of managing the games. Our coaching actually came along because of the volunteer opportunities offered by the city of Eagan. They were looking for parents to coach volleyball, so we volunteered because Mina's team didn't have a coach. Lucky move on our part!

If you live in the city of Eagan, they run an amazing organized sports program staffed by a community of parents and others all done on a VOLUNTEER basis. It reminds me alot of how the church is run. It is wonderful how the helping hands of many can create such a fantastic program. You can check out the City of Eagan's sports program at:

I highly suggest you check out your local sports program in your city and see if your helping hands can make a difference in the lives of others. For my sister Mina, she has made many friends from the neighborhood, other elementary schools and local churches. It has also connected us to many of the families in the Eagan area that we see on a regular basis.