Sunday, August 30, 2009

Love. Laugh. Live.

Sounds like a plan:
1 - graduate high school - check
2 - go to college - check
3 - serve a mission and come home an RM - in progress
4 - go back to college and date "worthy" girls
5 - put a ring on the one that's right for "all time and eternity"
6 - to be continued ... really looking forward to my 20's

My mom went with my little sister to another function yesterday, so Dad, Ferron and myself got to go to an Open House/wedding reception that the Burdge's had here in Minnesota for their eldest son and their new daughter in law. Congratulations to Austin and Cassi Burdge and to Mama and Papa Burdge for raising a fine example of a gentleman.
Mom says, "Take plenty of pictures. I love weddings."

The pictures came out looking like really fast action shots because none of us bothered to check the settings. We did manage to get this little clip of Austin and Cassi Burdge singing "Lucky" to each other.

While we were watching the clip ...
Dad: "Think he's a little nervous?"
Mom: "No. They're in love. No one else matters to them right now." *sighs and smiles*
Dad: "Does that remind you of us?"
Mom: "Weren't you in middle school when I was their age?"

Love. Laugh. Live.


Emily said...

Thanks for sharing...congrats to the new Burdge family. Most important decision you can make is in the one you marry. make sure that you become the type of person that you want to marry, as your chance for success in marriage and in finding a girl who will want you as much as you want her depends on your own prep:) My two cents that you didn't ask for, but hopefully can use:)

Marley said...

That's REALLY useful advice! thank you.