Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Missionary Fireside Questions From The Youth

Eagan Ward had Sister missionaries enter the Ward during the end of our school year. Before they showed up in the Ward there were several Elders. We started out with Sis.Fisihetau and Sis.Petersen. When Sis.Petersen got transferred, we got Sis.Hall. Today we found out that sadly, Sis.Hall is being transferred to Plymouth. So this post is for the Sisters in Eagan Ward.

Here are some of the questions asked. See if you can answer them. Post your answers if you know. I am not even sure of the answers but maybe they could have a refresher Fireside for those not in the know, like myself.

Do sister missionaries wear pants? why or why not?
Do sister missionaries ride bikes?
Do the sister missionaries have restrictions as far as visiting and riding with members in the wards they serve?
Do sister missionaries teach in a different way than Elders?
Can a local sister go proselyting with the Elders?

Did you feel it was difficult to adjust to life again at home?
Were you or are you under pressure to get married?
Do you feel like you had to attend college when you got home?
Are there any perks for RMs if they attend a church college? lowered tuition?
Do you plan to be married in the Temple? Why?
What would disqualify me from serving a mission?
Would you serve a mission again if you have the opportunity?
Do you feel you have changed since you served a mission?
What was the hardest thing for you to get use to when you were on a mission?
Can you influence where you serve by speaking or knowing a language before you serve?

What does the Branch Mission leader do?
Have you ever seen a young man from your Branch serve a mission and return with Honor?
How many missionaries are on full time missions from your Branch?
When did missionaries first come to your area?
What does the Branch Presidency do to help young men go on missions?
Who was the first missionary from tour area?
Which countries have local missionaries served in? I
Is it a commandment to serve a mission? why or why not?
What does a non-member have to do to be baptized?
Can missionaries wear a beard or mustache? why or why not?

How much money do I need to save to go on a mission?
What do they teach you in the MTC?
Suppose I get a scholarship to study, should I still go on a mission? How much education do I need to go on a mission?
How old do I need to be to go on a mission?
Why do prospective missionaries have to take a medical?
Do full time missionaries always have to be together? Wat happens if they are not?
Although I can serve a mission now I would rather do something else and serve later with my wife, what would I miss if I don't serve now?
My leaders didn't serve a mission but they expect me to serve one. Why should I serve?