Monday, September 14, 2009

What the Heck?!?!

This month's public MELTDOWNS. A few reasons why I say cooler heads and thoughtful words will always prevail. Everyone has their 'moments' but when you are in the public eye and very much a public figure, the same way these public figures want us to listen to them and share in their 'genius', they are held to a higher standard of behavior. No one is perfect, but to be blatantly disrespectful, so NOT classy.

South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson, heckler
This guy definitely has NO CLASS and is an embarrassment and doesn't leave me questioning how deep his prejudices run against immigrants, as his record reflects it. When is it ever Ok in our country to disrespect our President in Congress and on national television? The answer is NEVER! Why didn't the guy just take off his shoe like he was from the Middle East and throw it at President Obama's head the way another heckler disrespected our former President George W. Bush?

I am an admitted Obama supporter and could care less about ANY of the major political parties, but I will say this about the health care plan; in my personal opinion, people should NOT have to go broke trying to pay medical bills. No matter how the health care in our great country spiraled out of control, something has to be done NOW. I'm sure the plan has its flaws but instead of politics as usual, why doesn't everyone in government work hard to fix the flaws instead of wasting time opposing the plan? Health care in the U.S. has gone badly for too many years and moves must be made to implement action. You are either part of the problem or part of the solution.

I would never feel "fired up" enough to ever disrespect a leader of ANYTHING I'm involved with, especially not our President of the United States. In the United States, we do things democratically even though politics do get in the way. We vote, we have meetings, debates and discussions, we protest peacefully, we write letters, we voice our opinions and if you have ANY class, you do these things in a direct and respectful manner. Joe Wilson, you are a bone head and need to stop wearing your ignorance openly!

Serena Williams, tennis great at the U.S. Open
I love tennis. I love a good a rags to riches story. Although I agree with Serena that the foot foul called by the official was wrong, I actually cringed at her outburst. A little much to say the least. I don't know what led up to Serena Williams completely losing all her marbles and unleashing the 'hood' on the official that clearly looked intimidated because of Serena's threat. It was an international broadcast. Serena Williams, have you fell off your rocker? Have you completely lost your ever lovin' mind? You are not only a tennis great, you are a hero to many. Compose yourself and get it together. Your outburst was embarrassing and uncalled for!

Kanye West, hip hop artist at the MTV Video Music Awards
Believe it or not, the entire world does NOT revolve around you and everything you think matters. While I do agree with Kanye that Beyonce's video should have won for being the very best video put out this year, female or male, punking a kid? So low class Mr.West! This is NOT the first disrespectful outburst from Kanye West and as long as he is in the public eye, I doubt it will be the last. Taylor Swift is a very generic artist to me and although I would never buy any of her CD's right now, she is a 19 year old artist that sings songs many young kids identify with and absolutely love. My little sister being one of them. She has room to grow and maybe one day I will purchase future recordings from her.

Kanye West bullied a wonderfully talented teenage music artist during HER moment to shine! What was worse is that you did it on the very first award handed out. Even though you were obnoxiously RUDE, thank goodness in the end, Beyonce, who is always a class act, gave up her time for her acceptance speech, so that Taylor Swift could finish her speech. Even Beyonce could relate to Taylor Swift and knew it was a moment that needed to be celebrated. I am a Kanye West fan but his arrogance is slowly starting to overshadow my like of any of the music he records. Shame on you Kanye West! He definitely needs to learn humility!

Jennifer Aniston, sometime actress
What is the big fascination with this woman? Was it the "Friends" thing? I watched a few episodes of Friends and I was bored. Not only was I bored, I obviously don't relate to any of what that show was about. Sitting around drinking coffee with your friends all day and working part time jobs sporadically to pay rent in a huge New York apartment in Manhattan??? Right, right. That could happen. NOT! I have also watched her in a few movies and still, she managed to bore me. I have heard it said that the most interesting thing about Jennifer Aniston is that she used to be married to Brad Pitt. I would have to agree with that fact. She is so BORING!!!! Why is a woman so dull being forced on the public all the time? Anything with Jennifer Aniston = overwhelming BOREDOM!

Jon and Kate Gosselin, reality television parents with eight kids
Who cares who you are? Who cares who either of you date? I know many Mormon and non-Mormon families that raise eight kids or more and I am wondering why they are even relevant in today's society. Have your kids do whatever they do to earn you both a paycheck and get on with your day. I am sick of seeing you nobodies all over everything. By the way, who is watching your eight kids while you're out living "your" lives? I wasn't aware parents got to take breaks and vacations or do talk shows and interviews proclaiming what great parents they are. Please television executives, do not renew the Gosselin contract so the parents can focus on raising their eight children.

CROCS, the plastic slipper-shoe
Grown folks wear them. Kids wear them. Somewhere in between that, are the people who still care about fashion and keeping some of their cool points. Please America, stop the madness and get rid of these shoes. Just say NO! My parents have lost many cool points by wearing these hideous shoes everywhere. I am thankful they have not tortured my younger sister by buying her a pair or several matching pairs for her outfits. When I was a little kid, I was forced to wear muscle pants of all colors. In the early 90's, I am told they were the trendy item and all the rage. I apparently had these nifty trendsetting muscle pants in a plethora of colors and wore them with matching bright tops. When I plead with my parents to stop trying to be trendy and get rid of their atrocious loafers, they inform me they only wear them because they have 'messed up' feet. Huh?! Someone start a new shoe that is decent looking to wear for people with messed up feet.


Laura Lynn said...

All funny!
I agree, I did not like the disrespect to Pres. Obama. Totally rude.
Serena - too proud to admit she was wrong. Kanye - Taylor sings live way better. Gosselins - lived in my town - kinda miss seeing them around. Jennifer - I admit, I liked Friends but I kinda like Angelina too.
Crocs- fashion no no!

Marley said...

The Gosselins & 8 there is a new concept for a non-LDS family, lol. With that many kids, I'm going to need there address so I can send the missionaries, lol.