Sunday, September 20, 2009

Big Occasions

I think I am going to use this post as an opportunity to speak of some very important dates and big occasions that are happening for me before my work schedule picks up and my school studies get hectic. I am taking time to appreciate these big occasions in my life.

179th Semi-Annual General Conference - Oct 3 & 4, 2009
This month's theme at church is "Come Listen To The Prophet's Voice". The speakers gave several examples of how to prepare yourself and your family for General Conference. I like the idea of setting up traditions of things to do for that big weekend. I particularly liked the tailgating tradition that Bro.Christiansen never got to finish talking about for some strange reason and the special breakfast Sis.Manzella talked about. Ok, I'm Samoan, so talks of good food traditions are more than likely going to get my attention in Sacrament. I think I'm going to be vocal about the tailgating festivity in my house.

3rd Anniversary of my Uncle Nick's passing - Oct 14, 2006
I know the saying "time heals everything" is not that accurate. I don't know if it ever starts to hurt any less when you lose someone you love so much. I find that you start to loose the ones you love in fragments. Like for me with my Uncle Nick, it started with the daily phone calls and just listening to me: that stopped abruptly. Then the Holidays and my childhood Summers were spent riding around with him in his truck blasting music, enjoying backyard barbecues, our hilarious gift exchanges and then we'd watch sports: EVERYDAY and all day if my Uncle Nick didn't have to work. You name the sport, he'd have their stats and pretty much predict who was going to win what and be 98% accurate. I miss learning the mechanics of sports. I miss hearing the play by plays.

I miss my uncle getting everyone of my food orders right on the money with what I want on my food and all the things the cook can omit. My mom gave birth to me and still thinks I can take out all the stuff I don't want on my burger myself and my dad loves football but he's no sports statistician. I miss the details I got from my uncle. Daily, I miss those little things about him. I guess every year I'll start to notice more of the things I miss about not having my uncle around, but I believe in the Plan of Salvation and I believe in Exaltation. I also know what I have been blessed with because of having such a great influence in my life.

I hope in heaven Uncle Nick, you are too busy doing good things and not spending all your time "looking down" on me and everyone else you love. Every time someone says a loved one that passed away is "looking down" on us, I picture you and a billion other people watching a humongous flat screen watching the people on earth as if we are reality t.v. characters. I do love and miss my Uncle Nick deeply but I'm sure Heavenly Father has more important tasks for him that don't include just sitting around watching 'Earth TV'. Well, with the exception of football of course, lol.

2nd Anniversary of our family being sealed - Oct 13, 2007
Had it not been for my uncle's death, my parents would have been content in being completely complacent with there so-so affiliation and association with the church. They were fine with being members and having "some" religion in the home. I am happy to say that since my uncle's passing, my family has grown closer and being separated from everything and everyone we grew up with, has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I credit my Uncle Nick for our family finding the "iron rod" again and even if for some odd reason we let go of it, our family won't lose sight of it ever again. I look forward to my family gathering again at the sealing of me and my eternal mate.


R!$$@ said...

WOW... October is a special month for you guys. I can't believe it's been 3 yrs since the passing of your Uncle Nick. I didn't get the chance to know him cause he passed a month after we got married. But I did get the chance to meet him. And I can tell you for sure that he's not just looking down he's doing the Lord's work preparing the way for our Families to be together again. I'm so greatful for the Plan of Salvation and just knowing that we will be together again with our loved ones that have passed on.

Also, I know I'm way late but Congrats to you and you're family on being sealed in the temple. Gosh missed out on a lot but please send my hellos and alofas to you and the aiga.

Oh and OCTOBER is even more special cause that's the month of my BIRTHDAY! LOL!

Marley said...

It's official! Your a "birfday HINTER" like everyone else in the aiga! hahahaha! thanks for your kind words. Don't forget to post da birfday, lol. alofas!

Laura Lynn said...

There can be positive things out of tragedy. I think you've found it - your parent's desire to participate fully rather than sit on the sidelines. I'm sure your Uncle Nick is doing a happy dance in Heaven. My mom died a year ago and I still feel the loss but thankfully she is where she'd rather be - continuing to be a mother and watching over me. I like the way you write.

Marley said...

When one door closes, another one opens. It makes sense now even though it still hurts, it's all part of the plan.