Sunday, November 1, 2009

New Age Technology Etiquette

At Stake Conference yesterday and sadly enough, very often at church on Sundays, I hear cell phones ringing. I know we have a few doctors in our ward, but I have yet to see them taking calls during Sacrament meeting, Sunday classes and meetings. I was a big offender of "harmless" silent texting while I was still in high school. It is NOT a "harmless" activity while in church and deters from inviting the Spirit to be present.

Talking on a cell phone during class or any Sunday church meeting is not only TACKY it's NOT acceptable.
It's rude.
It's obnoxious.

When you hold a conversation during church while others are listening to speeches and lessons, it's wrong. Why would talking on your cell phone in church EVER be Ok?

You can get applications for almost everything on a Blackberry or I-phone including the scriptures. Unfortunately, using those applications in church gives many attending church the temptation of using other applications that are extremely inappropriate during meetings and classes, like listening to music of any kind, checking scores of your favorite sports teams, playing games, etc. If you're an adult engaging in ridiculous "electronic gadget" misconduct on Sundays, look at the message you're sending to the Primary kids and the Youth. Disrespectful behavior is fostered and enabled in kids during church services if parents don't think enough to show reverent behavior on Sundays.

If you do NOT want another adult to tell your kids to be reverent and respectful when they see your kids playing or talking on their cell phones or listening to music on their i pods, i phones or any of the electronic gadgets, PLEASE do your job as a parent and teach your kids better, so it does NOT impede on our right to expect respect and reverence in the chapel or in meetings and classes on Sunday. Other wise, the way I see it, it's within the right of someone who is disgusted by the inappropriate behavior to "check" that kid.

Have we really become so lazy that carrying a "four in one" and other lesson manuals are too heavy to be carried in actual BOOK form? This is my public plea to ask members to either leave your electronic gadgets in the car or at least have the decency to turn them off when in you're in the chapel on Sundays. Carry a book. You look smart when you carry your books.

Personally I find the most ANNOYING application and temptation of carrying these electronic gadgets to church are those who choose to report their activities and the activities of others through social networking sites such as, but NOT limited to My Space, Facebook and You Tube in church. I have My Space, Facebook and You Tube accounts. I would like to think my parents taught me better than to ever think of recording, taking pictures and/or updating my status while at church. While I know I am someone special to our Heavenly Father and probably my parents, I highly doubt anyone wants to know what I am doing or thinking at all hours of the day. So I want to pose a few questions to these offenders that I surprisingly catch engaging in these activities.

*Are you SO very important that you actually think someone cares what you are doing every hour on the hour?
*Do we need updates about what you are doing or anyone else attending church and church meetings because you have the need to be the "town crier"?
*When you wanted to capture your child saying his part in the church program or your "people" singing that oh so wonderful rendition of one of your favorite hymns, it became ok to violate church policy and turn on your phone or gadget to start filming?
*How did taking another picture of you doing the "pouty lips" or throwing up deuces in the CHAPEL become acceptable?

People, people, people of my LDS faith ... acquire some CLASS and stop this ridiculous behavior in OUR CHAPEL. Class is FREE and should be taught to our children as well. We do NOT defile our chapel and the sanctity of our meetings by filming, taking photos and reporting business while we attend church.

We don't Praise Dance. We don't have a band playing. We don't rap or shout at the top of our lungs in happiness. While each church has their own way of praising our Heavenly Father and do allow filming, picture taking and even networking while in church, we as LDS members are NOT of those faiths. If you can't stand to live without doing these activities at church meetings, there are several churches that allow this behavior. You might be sitting in the wrong meetings on Sunday.

On the face of this Earth, I was taught the MOST important person living to give the world instructions and guidance from on high is the Prophet, President Thomas S. Monson. Thank you for NOT displaying all the electronic gadgets when you speak. I would find it pretty distracting and figure, if you're still talking to God the old fashion way by prayer and reading scriptures by opening books on Sunday, if it's good enough for you dear Sir, it's good enough for me.


Yellowstone Secrets said...

It is so good to see that someone shares my opinion about electronics in church. I watched a guy play lemonade tycoon all through Elder's Quorum one day and at the end said, "I thought we weren't supposed to sell things on Sunday." Haven't seen him do it sense.