Thursday, October 1, 2009

LDS News From American Samoa

At the Leone, American Samoa chapel

Food distribution for the Volunteer Relief workers in Leone

This is from my Aunt Mitzi Semo an LDS member in Aloau, American Samoa, who is also helping in the LDS clean up efforts of the destroyed villages:

"I woke up feeling extreme sorrow for those who lost loved ones yesterday and families who slept in strange beds because theirs were washed away. But then, the sun came up and I marveled at its light, knowing that this would be the start of a good day."


Terri said...

Talofa! I want to Thank you for your postings. My husband is from Malaela, and we live in Provo, UT. Sooo he feels helpless and only hears a little. He and his family that moved here to Utah have been trying to get a hold of family members. Your pictures are the first I have seen of the devastation of his village. He knows that alot of family was missing but hope to hear that they are well. I love your music that you have on your I am reading I am just crying as I Know that the Lord knows of their pain. As soon as my husband gets home from work I cant wait to show him your blog. Stay Strong, you are a Tall Man of Great Faith. People will be lucky to have you as a Missionary.

Marley said...

I really want people to know that Samoans are thankful people. I posted about this to heal my own pain and find gratitude in the opportunities our Heavenly Father grants us by any means. Thank you for your kind words and I hope it gives your husband some comfort to see his village will never give up hope and they will always be mindful of the Lord's bigger plan. It's our gift as Samoans to be resilient and ever faithful.