Sunday, November 22, 2009

Where's the Party?

Meet my Valiant 9 Primary Class.

While the women of Eagan Ward were having their New Moon party, I thought it would be a good idea to entertain my Primary class with a party of our own. We voted on watching Disney's The Pacifier and feasted on pizza, chips, donuts, candy and soda (or pop as they say in the Midwest). Haley couldn't make it and we have a feeling it's because her mother just had a baby.

Audrey: She is sometimes shy, respectful, courteous, competitive, bubbly, thoughtful, considerate of everyone, kind and has a smile that will warm your heart.

Jessica attended with her brother Parker: She is sweet, amusing, gracious, amorous, caring, honest, loving and bright. She and her brother Parker are so loving and playful with one another.

Mina: She is my sister and I am lucky enough to spend the rest of my life with her in it. I can go on forever about her.

This is before the sugar ...

Matt: He is witty, clever, comical, inquisitive, insightful, polite, spirited and has a huge compassionate heart when it comes to others.

Max and Gregory: These two boys are the most active and energetic out of our group.
Max is precocious, an avid reader, observant, intense, passionate and exceedingly talented.
Gregory is astute, anxious, clever, enthusiastic, diligent and exceptionally athletic.
I'm not sure if these two guys are very similar to each other because their mothers are best friends.

I'm grateful to have this chance to serve these kids and help steer them in the way that Heavenly Father would want them to live. Primary class is easy for me because the kids have to be on their best behavior. They have their moments in church, but nothing that a stern warning to see their parents can't fix. Luckily, I have not had those Sundays yet. A pizza and movie party was a bit chaotic, but I see they are just a little more outgoing than they act on Sunday. I'm glad these kids come from goodly parents. It makes my time as a Primary teacher enjoyable. I have learned much from these kids.


Scrappycook said...

You are a brave man to take on all of those kids on sugar! Thank you so much for the party. Max had a great time and was so excited to come!

The Minnesota Preators said...

What a great primary teacher and wonderful example you are to these children! Not to mention brave, looks like a fun party!

Laura Lynn said...

Before sugar- that's funny.
I bet you are their favorite, rockin' teacher!